Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.

–Alan Armstrong


The mission of U.S. Youth Billiards is to promote, further, and elevate cue sports, and help secure it for the future, through initiatives that foster and encourage youth participation, primarily through Nationally Competitive Youth Billiards Teams. Our organization was founded on the belief that cue sports can be used as a vehicle to inspire our youth to reach their full potential, and achieve success, both on and off the table, through education, and mentoring. Our program has been meticulously designed, and purpose built to afford young players the best possible opportunity to meet, and exceed their goals, and realize their dreams. We utilize a positive, team environment to accomplish this that allows players to not only learn new skills, but to also make new friends, build relationships, and become an integral part of something bigger than themselves. Our program focuses heavily on helping our players develop skills that will make them better people, not just better players. True champions are much more than just their statistics, and accolades. They are confident, yet humble, and endeavor to set a positive example, derived from their core values, for others to follow. It is their championship character that will carry them through, and inspire others to follow their example.

U.S. Youth Billiards Founder, Carl Martin

Carl Martin is a lifelong cue sports enthusiast, professional billiards instructor, former semi-professional pool player, husband and father of six, and the owner of Chalky’s. He is also an Amtrak Conductor in Carbondale, IL.

I created U.S. Youth Billiards because I wanted to give back to a sport that has given me so much, and helped shape my life in a positive way. My fondest childhood memories involve playing pool with my father, and I want those same type of memories with my children. U.S. Youth Billiards is an excellent platform for building great champions, and great people, as well as strengthening familial and team bonds through hard work, and dedication in a fun environment.

U.S. Youth Billiards is unique in the youth cue sports arena. While there are other organizations that offer youth billiards programs, U.S. Youth Billiards is the only one that focuses on building teams. Other programs are centered on the individual, but we believe that a team environment is more beneficial to young players. Studies have shown that participation in team sports has a positive effect on children that can last throughout their lives. As a Nationwide organization, comprised of dedicated, and passionate coaches and mentors, U.S.Y.B. is purpose built to create champions, and foster a love for cue sports while also instilling core values such as integrity, tenacity, competence, service to others, sportsmanship, perseverance, fair play, and honesty in every one of our young players. As U.S.Y.B. team members, young players will…


Benefits of Joining a Team

U.S. Youth Billiards Headquarters – Chalky’s

Chalky’s is a World Class Billiards Hall in Carbondale, IL featuring the best pool tables, darts, video gaming, a full bar, and delicious food. Chalky’s offers professional billiards instruction, league play, regular tournaments, and is home to U.S. Youth Billiards, and the future home of the SIU Carbondale U.S. Collegiate Billiards Team.





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