U.S. Youth Billiards is currently seeking Youth Team Operators Nationwide (Continental U.S. only at this time). This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this amazing movement, and be a part of a project that is long overdue, and desperately needed. Learn more about the program, and the benefits of being a team operator below. Then simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and join the U.S.Y.B. family. Start a Team Today!



The mission of U.S. youth Billiards is to secure the future of cue sports, and you, as a team operator, can be an integral part of that mission. You can help return cue sports to prominence, get the next generation of players excited about the sport, and, in turn, help yourself. That’s a win-win-win. As a member of our national program, you will benefit from our marketing, and promotional platform, as well as those of our sponsors. U.S.Y.B is already receiving a lot of recognition, and, as we grow, so will you. As a team operator, you will…


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All team operators must have, or have access to, a facility that can be used for team practices, and competitions, that is family, and youth friendly, and legally allows minors to enter, and remain on premises. A minimum of two (2) 3 1/2′ x 7′ pool tables must be available, and should be in playable condition, and able to be used in non-coin operated or pay-per-game mode (minimum of four tables recommended, but not required). If you also have 4 1/2′ x 9′ tables available, in addition to the required tables, that’s even better. The larger tables will be used, where available, to help prepare players on the teams with older kids to prepare for the transition to U.S. Collegiate Billiards when they age out of U.S. Youth Billiards, or go to college.

All team operators are required to operate at least one (1) team in at least one of the four (4) age divisions (ages 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17), and adhere to the team makeup requirements (teams consists of 6 players, and 2 alternates, and must have at least 1 male, and 1 female member.), and hold regular practices, and provide quality instruction to team members.  Team Operators are strongly encouraged to operate a team in each of the four of the age divisions. This makes for a more robust season, and experience for the players. A minimum of 10 hours of team instruction/practice per month is required, but more is highly encouraged. Team Operators are allowed to set their own practice, and training schedules.

Operators are also highly encouraged to participate in the prep team program, which is designed to offer instruction, and guidance for players too young or not ready to be a member of a competitive team. A minimum of 4 hours of team instruction/practice per month is required for prep teams, but more is highly encouraged. Team Operators are allowed to set their own practice, and training schedules.

Team operators are required to maintain accurate scoring and performance records for their teams, and individual players, and report that information to U.S. Youth Billiards in order to maintain proper team standings, and accurate statistics, which will be available to the public once compiled. This allows players to see their progress, and coaches to identify strengths, and weaknesses so they can help these young players reach their full potential.

Team Operators are also required to participate in U.S. Youth Billiards related marketing. This includes prominently displaying branded materials at their primary location (banners, signage, etc.). These materials will be provided by U.S.Y.B. or directly by our sponsors.

Failure to adhere to these requirements, and our standards of excellence may result in membership revocation. U.S. Youth Billiards is dedicated to providing a safe, and educational environment operated by mentors who truly care about guiding young players in a positive direction.

Billiard room operators, schools, children’s organizations, etc. are all welcome to join U.S. Youth Billiards. This organization is about kids playing cue sports. If your organization can help make that happen, we’d love to have you as part of U.S.Y.B.





Team Operators pay a one time initial fee of $1,500 to join U.S. Youth Billiards, and create their teams. This amount is the minimum required to cover organizational startup costs, operator setup costs, operator and coach background checks, and national league implementation costs. Team Operators will then receive 25% of the monthly membership fees paid to U.S. Youth Billiards by their team members, minus merchant processing fees. Each Operator will create and host four (4) competition teams of 8 players, for a total of 32 players per the Team Operator requirements. The monthly membership fee per player on competition teams is $85, yielding approximately $680 per month back to Team Operators. Your membership will pay for itself in just over two months if you only operate competition teams. Operators may also participate in the Prep Team program. The monthly membership fee per player on a prep team is $40, of which Team Operators will receive the same compensation percentage as they do for competition teams, minus merchant processing fees. Prep teams require no set number of players, and there is no minimum or maximum number of prep teams a Team Operator can create, and host. Increased customer traffic will also produce additional revenues that would not be realized otherwise, such as food and beverage sales, for example.

Team Operators will receive compensation for the current month by the 15th day of the following month.

Refunds of team operator registration fees will be allowed any time prior to a team receiving their first registered player. Once one (1) player has registered, refunds will not be processed. After the team operator fee is paid, you will be sent information regarding our mandatory background check. When you register to be a team operator, you are agreeing to consent to this background check. If a refund is requested, or a background check is not passed, the team operator will receive a full refund of the team operator registration fee, minus the actual cost of the background investigation.

The player registration fee of $85 ($40 for prep team), and subsequent monthly membership fees will be collected and processed by U.S. Youth Billiards directly. Team Operators need not be burdened with unnecessary paperwork, and payment fulfillment, and tracking, but rather, should spend the time saved focusing on providing the highest quality instruction, and building great teams. U.S. Youth Billiards strives to give every player an opportunity to be part of a team regardless of their family’s ability to pay the required fees. When registering, registrants may elect to contribute additional funds that will be used for this purpose. U.S. Youth Billiards will also utilize fundraising mechanisms to assist with this, including offering sponsorships, when available.

Travel must be permissible by each team member’s parent or guardian. U.S. Youth Billiards will collect, and maintain all releases, and permissions in writing before players are officially added to teams. Team Operators will be notified of any changes, or cancellations of the required permissions. Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the players, and their families, and will be paid directly by them. U.S. Youth Billiards will endeavor to negotiate discounted, and group rates for lodging, food, and transportation, and will offer those discounts directly to players, and their families when possible.

U.S. Youth Billiards is implementing a system (online on our website, and through a free smart phone app) that teams, players, Team Operators, coaches, etc. will utilize for scheduling, competition coordination, communications, record keeping, team management, payment of fees, and all other team, and league related operations.

Funds collected, including Team Operator fees, player fees, donations, sponsorship fees, etc. will be used to create and maintain the infrastructure, and management system necessary to operate U.S. Youth Billiards, and support our Team Operators, players, their families, sponsors, and fans, as well as to provide a means for players who are unable to join a team due to financial constraints to be able to participate. Funds will also be used to purchase necessary equipment, uniforms, etc., and for marketing, and other purposes.



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