How can I contact U.S. Youth Billiards?

Below is our contact information:

Physical Address:
U.S. Youth Billiards
500 New Era Rd
Carbondale, IL  62901

Mailing Address for Contributions:
ATTN: Carl Martin
U.S. Youth Billiards
P.O. Box 943
Carbondale, IL 62903

Email: contact@usyouthbilliards.com


How can I contribute to U.S. Youth Billiards?

You can become a supporter by contributing to the project. We thank you, and are extremely grateful for your support.



Contributions can be made in any amount with a debit or credit card, and can either be one time contributions, or recurring. If you would prefer to make a contribution by mail, please send a check or money order made out to U.S. Youth Billiards to:

ATTN: Carl Martin
U.S. Youth Billiards
P.O. Box 943
Carbondale, IL 62903

Why should I contribute to U.S. Youth Billiards?

In order to secure the future of the sport, we must involve the youth, and inspire them to return the sport to it’s former glory, and take it to new heights, but it is going to take more than just introducing them to it. It is going to take a movement. More specifically, a grassroots movement spearheaded by passionate players, professionals, and industry leaders all working toward a common goal. If you truly love the sport, and are passionate about it, and optimistic about its bright future, please consider contributing to U.S. Youth Billiards. You can make a real difference in the lives of young players, and a lasting positive impact on the sport.

Your contribution has an enormous positive impact on our organization, the sport, and our young athletes. We are grateful, and thank you deeply for your contribution.


How will my contribution be used?

Contributions will be used to create and maintain the infrastructure, and management system necessary to operate U.S. Youth Billiards, and support our players, as well as to provide a means for players who are unable to join a team due to financial constraints to be able to participate. Funds will also be used to purchase necessary equipment, uniforms, etc., and other purposes.

Where can I learn more about U.S. Youth Billiards?

Learn about our mission, our founding and founder, and our plan to return cue sports to a place of prominence.


Is U.S. Youth Billiards a non-profit organization?

U.S. Youth Billiards is not a non-profit organization. Non profit organizations rely primarily on donations to cover their operational costs, and have no built in mechanisms to cover shortfalls, etc. In order for U.S. youth Billiards to do the most good for young players, and the sport, it must be self sustaining, and, therefore is set up as a for profit company rather than a non profit. When you contribute to the project, you are directly investing in the future of cue sports, and its future – the next generation of players.

Where can I learn more about U.S.Y.B. teams?

A wealth of information is available on this site about our youth teams. Please follow the links below to learn more.


Learn about how our youth teams operate, including their makeup, requirements, match and scoring format, code of conduct, dress code, etc.



Need to know about how to join a team, and the requirements, etc?



Want to learn more about starting a team, including the requirements, cost, and what is involved?



Want to see a list of current teams?



Want more information on team sponsorship?



Want to see a list of current sponsors?


Minors aren't allowed in my business. Can I still start a team?

This is a very common question. Many potential Team Operators are pool room, and/or bar/restaurant owners. In some cases, the minimum age for entry into these establishments, usually based on local laws and ordinances, is 21. In some cases, the age is as low as 18. There are several effective work-arounds to this problem.

Note that the majority of local ordinances that prevent minors from entering businesses that serve alcohol have a provision that allows minors to enter if accompanied by a parent. Call your local government, or research the local code online to determine if this is the case in your area.

One solution is to open for team practice, and meets before or after your establishment is open to the general public, or on days you are usually closed. Most municipalities do not have an issue with this, if you do not serve alcohol during this time. A simple call to your local government is all that is necessary to confirm, and set this up.

Another solution is to petition the local government to change their minimum age ordinance. This is usually done with a text amendment to the ordinance. This sounds like a daunting task, but it is actually relatively simple and straightforward, and most local governments are receptive to adapting their ordinances to bring in additional business, or to keep businesses in their area. To learn how to write a text amendment, and submit it, contact your local government. Text amendment examples and templates are readily available online.

NOTE: U.S. Youth Billiards is headquartered in Carbondale, IL. The city ordinance set the minimum age of entry at 19. We petitioned the government with a text amendment, and had it approved. It can be done, and it is well worth it.

What rules govern U.S.Y.B. play?

When players age out of U.S. Youth Billiards, or go to college, we encourage them to join U.S. Collegiate Billiards. In an effort to ease this transition, we have adopted the U.S. Collegiate Billiards rules for both games played by our teams – 9 ball, and 15 ball. These rules were selected to allow players to progress, and become better players, and because they are well suited to team play. The rules below are taken directly from the U.S. Collegiate Billiards website, in some cases verbatim.

15 Ball Rules
The game of 15-Ball is included because of its potential for improving our sport. The game is played by racking all 15 balls, breaking them open, and beginning with ball in hand. The game is played as “call shot” – players must indicate ball and pocket, and may choose any ball. Each ball successfully pocketed counts as one point with a perfect score of 15 points per rack. If a player scratches on the break, they still get to shoot with no point penalty, but must spot up any balls pocketed on the break. This is simple, straight forward, and everyone learns to play better in less time. In a competition match, each player shoots 4 rounds of 15-ball.

9 Ball Rules
We will be using the standard ACUI 9-Ball rules with one exception. There will NOT be a Push Out option after the Break.

Our goal is to rid ourselves of obstacles for proliferating the sport. The Push Out rule was initially designed for televised events in an effort to minimize the luck factor after the break. Unfortunately it was ill conceived (the majority of luck in pool occurs when someone shoots and misses, but accidentally leaves poor position for his opponent). It did nothing to popularize the game, and needlessly complicated the game for potential fans. .

We use the ACUI Collegiate Billiards Nationals rules (except for eliminating the Push Out option). Cue ball fouls only. One foul = ball in hand; three consecutive fouls = loss of game.

Each set win contributes one point to your team’s total score.

Thank you to Mark Wilson, the founder of U.S. Collegiate Billiards for your support.


U.S. Collegiate Billiards Logo



Is this site, and my information secure?

Our website, and our payment processing partners (Regfox/RedPodium) use 256 bit SSL encryption to keep your information private, and secure. We take your online protection very seriously, and have taken steps to ensure any information you submit on our website, or through our processing partners is secured to the highest level.

Want more information? Check out our privacy policy.



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Who built this website?

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What if I see an image on this website that belongs to me?

U.S. Youth Billiards is a new organization, and we are still creating teams, and will begin our inaugural season soon. Because we are so new, we do not have enough original images to populate the site. In some instances, images found through online searches were used. If you see an image that is copyrighted, and you are the owner of that copyright and image, please contact us. Requests to remove copyrighted images will be honored, but we urge you to consider allowing us to use your image(s) temporarily until we can replace them with original images from our first season. You will be helping youth players, and the spost by allowing us to use your image(s). Thank you!


What is Chalky's?

Chalky’s is the birthplace, and headquarters for U.S. Youth Billiards. Chalky’s is also a World Class Billiards Hall in Carbondale, IL featuring the best pool tables, darts, video gaming, a full bar, and delicious food. Chalky’s offers professional billiards instruction, league play, regular tournaments, and is the future home of the SIU Carbondale U.S. Collegiate Billiards Team.



I have a different question.

Was your question not answered here? While we try to put as much information on this website, and in this FAQ as possible, we are unable to anticipate every question that may be asked. If you still have questions, please send us an email, and we’ll get right back to you. Thank you.





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