Sponsorships –  one of the most beneficial ways big brands, and small businesses alike can directly benefit sports teams, players, their communities, and themselves. More often than not, sports facilities, team and league websites, and even player uniforms are adorned with brand logos, both local, national, and, in some cases, even international. But why would these companies spend a portion of their advertising budgets on this type of marketing, and why do teams seek these sponsors out? The short answer is, the relationship is mutually beneficial, and both parties gain something of value.

Here are some reasons your company should sponsor youth sports teams like U.S. Youth Billiards:

  • Increased brand awareness. Your company’s brand will be in front of your target audience –  parents, coaches, program organizers, players and fans, and you can showcase your products, and services directly to them in an environment with minimal outside distractions.
  • Your brand will be well received. People tend to tune out advertising in many situations. Where traditional forms of advertising fail, youth sports sponsorships succeed! Consumers typically view youth sports sponsorships in a positive light, and are willing to engage with the brands that support their communities, and children.
  • You’ll help more kids participate. Youth sports can be costly for players and their families. In many situations, this is a deterrent, preventing kids from playing, and receiving the benefits of team sports participation. Sponsorship money helps to reduce these costs for players and their families, and affords some kids the opportunity to play when they otherwise would not be able to.
  • Your marketing dollars go farther. Compared to other forms of advertising such as television, radio, billboard advertising, print, etc., youth team sponsorships are relatively inexpensive, and have a much higher return on investment. Most youth sports organizations offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities with different levels of investment required, so businesses of every size and every marketing budget can get their brands in front of interested consumers.
  • Make a real difference. Sponsoring youth sports helps kids stay active, and allows them to be a part of a team where they learn core values, sportsmanship, and many important life lessons…and also have fun! By sponsoring youth sports, you will be supporting future generations, creating loyal customers, and helping local communities.

Youth sports sponsorships are a great way for your company to give back to the community that supports you, and show your customers that you care about them. Your involvement will serve to strengthen your relationship with your existing customers, and entice potential customers to become your patrons. You’ll also feel great knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of young athletes.


U.S. Youth Billiards offers excellent sponsorship opportunities. Click the button below to learn more, and to become a U.S.Y.B. Sponsor!




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