Youth Billiards is a great tool for teaching kids core values such as integrity, tenacity, and sportsmanship. This is especially true in a team setting like U.S. Youth Billiards. The instruction, and mentoring young players receive will help build a solid foundation for their lives, which can help them reach their full potential well into the future. U.S. Youth Billiards is proud to be one of the vehicles by which young players can grow and progress on their journey to creating a new paradigm for the sport. But what happens when a player ages out of our youth program? What opportunities are available to them?

This is where U.S. Collegiate Billiards, helmed by professional pool player, and coach of the Lindenwood University Lions Billiards Team, Mark Wilson, comes in.


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Players who leave our program due to age, and/or to attend college have an opportunity to join this amazing organization, and represent their team with pride, guided by the principles that were instilled in them as members of their U.S.Y.B. team. We use the same competition and scoring format that U.S. Collegiate Billiards uses to make the transition as seamless, and smooth as possible for players:

Match Scoring: Each player plays four racks of 15-Ball generating a team cumulative score (total balls pocketed). Highest ball count = 2 team points. Each player then plays two singles sets and one Scotch Doubles set of 9-Ball (race to 3). Each set win = 1 team point. Maximum team points = 17. All matches will be played regardless of score.

Players transitioning out of our program will have many opportunities they otherwise may not have had. Great opportunities, like U.S. Collegiate Billiards.

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